I’m fat.
Wednesday, 11:00 pm
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uugh so i used to like this guy and i heard from a mutual friend that he possibly liked me but was too shy to say anything so i texted him one night and told him i liked him but i chickened out and told the mutual friend to delete the text from his phone and that happened a couple times, then he started dating one of my friends, then she moved away and didnt tell anyone including him so they broke up so i kinda tried going for him again because i still liked him at the time but we just kinda grew apart so nothing really happened then i started talking to him a bit more again but it seemed like he’d moved on so i left it alone
and this all started in grade 10
so this went from grade 10 to grade 12
like i liked him for 3 years
i still kinda do like him.

I think this was the lightest weight I’d ever been. :/*sigh* I need to get skinny and in shape
Monday, 5:40 am
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i’m ugly and my body hurts and i am scared of the future

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I hate myself so much…

‡Carpe Noctem and enjoy the Insanity☾
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